Jack and Joy Media CEO Wants You To “Stop Waiting To Be Enough” For Your Own Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Many high-achievers, such as Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka, Selena Gomez, Big Sean, Pete Davidson, and many others, have opened up publicly about their mental state and allowed us to know it is possible to earn success and live a full, balanced life despite these personal roadblocks.

According to the National Institutes of Health, some of the most common mental health disorders are anxiety disorders, mood disorders, psychotic disorders, and eating disorders. There’s no shame in saying you need help, and for those looking to explore self-help, self-guiding resources like motivational journals may help tremendously.*


Stop waiting to be enough



















Jack and Joy Media CEO and the creator of ‘You’re Awesome Just The Way You Are!: A 30-Day Journal to Celebrate You’, Elizabeth J. Wilcox, is on a mission to uplift and encourage women, especially black women, that struggle with anxiety and depression. Wilcox, having a history of generalized anxiety disorder and depression herself, wants to encourage people to recognize the need to break the stigma and effectively address mental health issues, particularly in the Black community. Her motivational journal is unique, as the creator is very candid on both the front and back covers about her own mental health journey.

The cover of the journal shows the harsh language either said to her or about herself, which she says she internalized throughout her childhood and into her adulthood. Wilcox states, “I’ve had a bad habit of beating myself up over what I perceive are things I “should” be able to do, who I “should” be, and where I “should” be in life.”


Some things you can not “just get over”

EJ Wilcox opens about her mental health struggles that led to publishing a journal


















It was not as simple as ‘just getting over’ these hurdles. Wilcox continues, To help combat that damaging self-narrative, The author recounts having to put in the effort, this included working with doctors, going to counseling, relying on faith, and employing mindfulness and relaxation techniques. Wilcox elaborates, “I have had to leave a previous work environment that was triggering. It is still a struggle at times, but I’ve learned to extend grace to myself and recognize that I am awesome, whole, and “enough” just the way I am right now.” The premise of her journal is to give encouragement to give to others.


Two ways to use journals to help improve your mental health

Wilcox recommends starting with writing your thoughts and recording your achievements (both large and small). You may not count reading that contract you put aside for 2-3 days as an achievement, but in reality, you overcame procrastination and possibly something that made you anxious about that contract. Second, be mindful that as you journal, you may have to face uncomfortable thoughts and feelings to break through and see your achievements, but it’s important to remember that small wins matter in the large scheme of success and your mental health.


Let reality in

Jack and Joy Media advises that you not be afraid to reach out to a qualified, culturally-competent medical provider, as well as resources locally and online, to address any mental health concerns when you need help.



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  • Mary wilcox Young
    2 years ago Reply

    Congratulations daughter-in-law Miss Elizabeth Wilcox I have one of the books and it is truly inspirational encouraging uplifting and I’m so thankful to add her book to my library God bless you on your journey

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