Scent expert and business woman shares advice on achieving impossible goals.

Inside the Mind of the Ambitious and Successful Marilyn Jones


Marilyn Jones is the founder and owner of B Fragranced. She believed in the power of scent all her life. Marilyn is the eleventh out of twelve children in her family. And although her family is big she didn’t have a lot of time with her mom growing up. Marilyn’s mother lost her battle with cancer when Marilyn was just five. All of this affected Marilyn’s childhood and although she doesn’t have many memories of her mother, she remembers her scent well.


The inspiration behind the brand


This powerful connection to scents has empowered Marilyn to start up her own brand and design unique and powerful scents. Throughout the years, Marilyn has shown the great willpower needed to be successful in the industry. Especially as there isn’t enough representation in the industry of fragrances.

Although Marilyn is very ambitious and works hard on developing her brand further, she also believes in the importance of work-life balance. Her ideal way to unwind from work includes strategies that put her back into the focus zone.

“I have a non-negotiable Time out Tuesday on my calendar. Every Tuesday I take time to myself that could include a mani-pedi day, a day at the salon, and quiet time to think, refresh, and refocus strategies.”



Hard Work,  Confidence, and Faith



Marilyn’s personality and hard work took her far. She believes that confidence is crucial to get far in life “It fosters a level of confidence that’s respected and admirable which by design have others see you and treat you as an equal. You have to be self-motivated as this industry is not for the faint or the weak at heart.

As someone who ticked off a lot of her goals, and is constantly making new ones she advises others to let their tenacity and dedication to hit large goals. Marilyn states, “You have to have a level of unwavering tenacity, dedication, and hard work to achieve personal and/or professional goals. This aids in the success of pushing past a ‘NO’.

While other factors do contribute to her success the founder claims her spiritual side is mandatory to achieve high levels of success, “My faith and knowing who I am is the centerpiece/balance for me.” Marilyn elaborates.


Ingredients To Success

The work in the industry has also allowed Marilyn to meet new and inspiring people. Successful people continue to grow their contacts and keep their minds open to new information. These are the attributes that make Marilyn Jones an Alpha by design. When asked about the most powerful actions one can take to position themselves Jones states, “Wisdom, meeting, and networking with other entrepreneurs tend to help broaden perspectives, help navigate through the pivots with more importantly sharing insights in the unknown territories.

Having a routine is essential, when asked about her own she shared that it consists of gratitude first, “Pray and thank God for another Day of Life, another Day with a sound mind to love my family and run my business!” From there the scent expert chooses her go-to fragrance E’Ko (that’s soon to be released for B Fragranced), while the song she listens to on repeat is ‘Something has to Break‘ by Kierra Sheard.

B Fragrance is officially sold at or directly on the brand’s website.


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