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Hilaroo Foundation

Alpha Magazines is pleased to announce our partnership with The Hilaroo Foundation by Hilary Swank. Due to our position as Alphas, we have the responsibility to empower and help all of those around us, including children and animals.

Here’s the story behind the foundation:

Hilary was on the set of a film in South Africa and says, “I don’t know if I found this dog, or the dog found me.” She was doing a scene where she had to hop over a fence and says that on the second take she hopped over the fence and there was a little, tiny butterball looking at her. She picked the dog and the on set photographer captured the exact moment when Hilary and Karoo first met.

Hilary took the stray pup to the vet and learned she wasn’t a “butterball” from food, but rather she was full of worms. She was also covered in fleas and had been doused in kerosene in an attempt to kill them, and had ears infested with a dozen ticks. Hilary had the dog nursed back to health and the time from when the dog had her shots until she was able to travel was exactly the number of days left on the film Hilary was shooting. When Hilary was ready to leave South Africa, so was Karoo, and Hilary didn’t give a second thought to taking her home.

Our reason for supporting The Hilaroo Foundation

The Hilaroo Foundation was formed to bring together youth who have been given up on, with animals who have been abandoned, to help heal one another through Rescue, Rehabilitation and Responsibility Training.


The foundation will rescue animals who have been abandoned and rehabilitate them both physically and emotionally. We will also have youth who, whether by choice or circumstance, have been given up on by society and pair them with animals to help in that rehabilitation endeavor. The two souls will set out on a journey, together, to find healing. Through their time at the foundation, youth will be given responsibility training so they may go out into this world to make it a better place for themselves.


For more information or to help you can learn more at https://thehilaroofoundation.com/


Talent: Hilary Swanky @hilaryswanky
Photographer: Sheri Angeles @sheriangeles
MUA: Kara Yoshimoto Bua @karayoshimotobua
Grooming: Kristen Shaw @kristenshawhair
Wardrobe Stylist: Taylor Richardson @styledbyleightaylor
Magazine: Alpha Magazines @alphamagazines
Assistants: Renee Waniolek @renee.waniolek + Adrian Angeles @adrianpangeles

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