Luciano Layne shares plan to get Black reality stars into mainstream pop-culture

Hazel E. and Angel Brinks New Manger Plans To Strengthen Brand

Reality stars Hazel E. and Angel Brinks have signed on with talent manager Luciano Layne for a fresh phase in their careers. Recognized for his work with celebrities like Lamar Odom and his extensive connections in the music industry, Layne is set to guide both talents towards new heights in the American celebrity market. While both Hazel E. and Angel Brinks have gained popularity within the African-American community, Layne’s goal is to broaden their reach into mainstream pop-culture.

In a recent statement, Luciano Layne shared his vision and his commitment to expanding their recognition. “When managing Black talent, I notice many are confined to entertainment within the Black community. While it’s not a bad place to start, it limits opportunities for Black talent. My focus is to introduce them to the larger American market, all while keeping the Black and Latino community in mind during this expansion. I believe there is room in entertainment, consumer products, beauty and fashion, and thought-leadership to grow their brand effectively.

Layne’s strategic plan includes using his expertise to transition both names into the mainstream American Celebrity market. With a growing clientele under Layne’s management, he aims to connect with brand managers of goods and services for potential collaborations.

Over the next three years, Layne plans to strategically position his clients, involving them in larger television and film opportunities through casting, product placement, or music placement. The ultimate goal is to make names like Hazel E. and Angel Brinks recognizable to the average American through prominent projects and increased visibility.

Luciano Layne acknowledges the challenges of managing Black talent and the tendency for them to be confined to a specific niche. However, his approach is forward-thinking, emphasizing the importance of breaking out of this mold. “I believe there is room in entertainment, consumer products, beauty and fashion, and thought-leadership to grow their brand effectively,” he states.

As the reality stars partner with Layne for this transition, the industry will witness the evolution of their brands into the mainstream American celebrity market. Layne’s commitment to balancing their existing fanbase within the African-American community while expanding their recognition in the broader American market reflects a thoughtful and strategic approach to talent management.

Stay tuned as Hazel E. and Angel Brinks, guided by Luciano Layne, step onto the stage of mainstream pop-culture, marking a significant milestone in their already illustrious careers.

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