From Unhealthy Habits to Harnessing Wellness: Dr. Elise Brisco Empowers People to Use Self Care as Healthcare

At the intersection of healthcare and technology stands an inspirational Vietnamese-American doctor named Elise Brisco. Driven by her passion for healthy living and the potential for transforming how people approach vision care, Dr. Brisco is launching a revolutionary website and app in the wellness industry.

Her new venture will be more than a platform; it is an effort to foster a community of like-minded individuals who understand the direct correlation between their lifestyle choices and health status. The objective is to create an environment where people can be actively involved in improving their health, rather than solely relying on medical professionals, and have access to authentic and reliable health information amidst the rampant misinformation online.

Dr. Brisco’s motivation suffered a close relationship with her personal experiences. Raised in a Vietnamese family whose understanding of American food gravitated towards unhealthy options, she habitually indulged in foods like Spam, Twinkies, and chips. It wasn’t until her mother and baby brother suffered strokes that she started prioritizing her health. With her high cholesterol levels serving as a wake-up call, she embarked on a transformative journey from an unhealthy lifestyle to one embedded with self-care and self-love.

Brisco’s journey showcased the power of self-determination in overcoming societal expectations and unhealthy habits, earning her accolades including being crowned Ms. Woman California United States in 2021 and 2022, as well as First runner-up in the Miss United States pageant and headlining multiple editorial shoots. These accomplishments, along with her forthcoming billboard feature in West Hollywood, CA echo the underlying principle of her platform: beauty proliferates from health.

From regular physical activity to mindful eating and daily meditation, her commitment to health became a definitive lifestyle. Despite her genetic predisposition towards health issues, Brisco managed to prevent medication for metabolic diseases by persistently working to reduce her cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. This only further cemented her belief in the power of lifestyle changes, inspiring her to encourage others to proactively safeguard their wellbeing.

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Amidst her ventures as a model and entrepreneur, Dr. Brisco remains staunchly committed to her medical profession. Her unique perspective integrates the worlds of art and science, recognizing their roles in promoting a holistic approach to health. Through the lens of the wellness website and app that she is developing, she envisions a healthcare universe where self-care holds a central position, leading people to redefine their approach to personal health.

As an influential figure, she acknowledges the challenges associated with her public persona, particularly in maintaining personal security and privacy. In spite of these challenges, her dedication to the cause is unwavering. Building upon her personal narrative of transformation, she uses her public platform to propagate the impact of healthy lifestyle choices.

Photo: Elise Brisco – HMUA: Emma Gilliland

Dr. Brisco’s commitment to health and her ability to overcome genetic predispositions serve as potent encouragement for taking control of one’s health through lifestyle, even in the face of genetic and age-related challenges. Her testament, instead of inspiring fear, propels action; her journey underlines that while we cannot alter our genes, we can definitely influence our lifestyles.

Dr. Brisco’s upcoming wellness platform represents not just a brand built upon a dedicated doctor’s passion for health but is also a testament to her resilience and determination to shift paradigms in healthcare. A quote capturing the essence of her journey eloquently conveys this: “My mom ended up having several strokes…then my brother had a huge stroke… It’s really scary for me that it’s in my genes, that’s my DNA. I’m at risk for everything. That’s a call to action for me.”

To stay connected with Dr. Elise Brisco and her mission to reframe the conversation around health and lifestyle, you can follow her on various channels such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn—all branded under the catchy name – Hollywood Eyes. Truly, Dr. Elise Brisco envisions an eyeful of health and wellness for all, and she’s making that vision a reality through her groundbreaking vision and wellness platform.

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