Erin Jones redefining the way we think about customers and fashion

Born and raised in New York City, Erin W. Jones recognized her passion for fashion in her early ages. While shopping with her mother and grandmother, she would style mannequins in the stores and in high school she knew that she was destined for a career in fashion. She was so sure of her destiny, she applied to only one college.  She was accepted into and attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York where she studied fashion design. While there she got hands on experience with making garments and designing clothing.

After graduation, Erin worked as a fashion designer for popular brands such as Macy’s, Target, The Children’s Place, and Justice to name a few. Erin had a keen eye and it showed in her daily wardrobe. Because of the questions she was often asked about her fashionable and unique wardrobe, it prompted her to start fashion blogging and influencing. She started to style and document her outfits by posting them to her website and Instagram account. Fashion blogging was a hobby she really enjoyed. After tagging the brands she was wearing in blog posts, companies began to request collaborations and that is how she became an influencer for multiple brands by doing fashion shoots in their clothes. She worked influenced for brands such as Naked Wardrobe, White Runway, Miss Lola, Shoe Dazzle, Pretty Little Thing, Oh Polly, White Runway, House Of CB, Missguided, Missy Empire, Public Desire, and Simmi Shoes London.

While working full time as a designer for corporate fashion brands for about 12 years, she continued to influence for new brands and focused growing her blog. In 2020, she took a leap of faith and went full time into influencing, consulting and styling. What started out as a hobby became more profitable than corporate fashion, so she knew she was heading in the right direction. Erin is currently a freelance stylist influencer and she still designs models and influencers for other brands. She is also digging more into the business by learning what’s sellable to take on more of a marketing role.

She launched her online store where she’s able to interact with her followers, post outfits that people can buy, and assist them with styling them. It gives her a chance to meet with her followers, build rapport, and mentor ones that are closely related to her. She now has more time to connect with people on a more personal level so that she can better assist them.

Erin ultimately wants to grow her online store, influence for more brands, and she’s planning to launch her own “Mommy & Me” women’s label and children’s wear line. She is also available to take on more clients to style and use her creative ideas to tie everything together to launch another business by the end of this year. Being that she comes from a family of educators, it drives her to learn the foundations of specific skills, so also plans to go back to school to further her education in wardrobe styling and commercial styling with products.

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