Emily Tosta Interview: Actress, Activist, Entrepreneur

With so many new ventures what projects do you have coming out?

Emily: I just wrapped season 3 of PBC, a comedy skit show, which is very different than anything I’ve ever done. It should be coming out soon so there’s not a lot I can say yet, but I’ll be posting about it soon!

How did you get your start in Hollywood?

Emily: I remember the very first project I ever did in La was a small co-star on a tv show called the Last Ship with Eric Dane on Fox. Working in Hollywood is very different than anything I’ve ever done. I was born in the Dominican Republic and was working in the industry there and then in Miami for soap operas, so stepping into a full production set and seeing Eric Dane’s face as a 16-year-old girl was very shocking for me. I was definitely lost and was just trying to be a sponge absorbing everything around me. It was a magical moment realizing I was in Hollywood actually working.

Is there a role that has really resonated with you?

Emily: The role that really kicked things off for me was season 1 of Mayans. It was the first opportunity to really showcase my abilities to a new audience and there were a lot of eyes on me since it was such a big show coming off the back of Sons of Anarchy. From that point on I landed a lead role in Party of Five on Freeform and then movie roles with Nick Cage and George Lopez. It all really came from the work I did on Mayans.

Since moving to Hollywood you’ve become an ALPHA in your own right. Breaking into new industries beyond acting, what are you currently promoting?

Emily: Acting was always my first love since I was 7 years old and can first remember taking on characters. But, since coming to Los Angeles, I learned that this is a business. It is no longer just about my passion or messages I want to share through my work, now I am a businesswoman. I have to act like one, think like one, move like one and ultimately it is the opportunity to build an empire as a creative and be sustainable as an entrepreneur. The reality is I came here with two suitcases and maybe a hundred dollars with my mom and we were crashing on people’s couches to get by. I think for me, being able to build that generational wealth and leave a legacy for my family to have access to things I never imagined I could have is so valuable as a woman. It’s about building something for my children to have one day and that means creating businesses and sustainability long term.

What are the businesses you’ve created so far?

Emily: I’ve always been into fashion and sustainable fashion that looks cute, but isn’t overly expensive. So, with my sister Gaby, who is an incredible designer and artist, we created Gaia Room. Now my sisters and I are spreading a message of sustainable fashion that is classy, elegant and looks expensive, but doesn’t cost thousands of dollars for one bag. I think Gaia Room also allows women to feel empowered and sexy and be the best version of themselves whether it’s in the office or out at night.

You’re all about empowering people to be the best version of themselves and are labeled as an advocate on the cover. What is your platform?

Emily: Who I am, my morals and who my mom raised me to be has always been at the forefront of everything I do. I was raised Christian, to believe in God and to have a strong faith as my guide. Everything in my life has been a miracle, from arriving to US at 12 years old with nothing to where I am today it’s all been miracles. In 2020 I spent 4 months in the hospital and even flatlined with no explanations for why my body was deteriorating, but God saved my life. So to me, the question always comes back to how can I not praise him and share that with others around me? God’s favor in my life is my primary force and every day that I wake up it’s because of the strength He provides to face that day’s challenges. I have to recognize daily that without Him I am nothing and I appreciate that my mom instilled that in me at a young age. So now I just go to my source of love and inspiration and look for ways to make the world a better place and try to spread that message where I can when I can.

You decided to create a self love journal based on some of the principals you just talked about. How has that process been?

Emily: Well, it is currently online and I partnered with a company called Bite Me Digital which is a digital platform that releases e-books and journals and to Etsy for digital downloads. I essentially wanted to create something to pour back into yourself. With all the things I’ve gone through, I’ve learned the importance of really loving yourself and understanding who you are as a person. So I wanted to create something where people could really reflect and look deeper into who they are through journaling and introspective questioning over 31 days. It’s intended to be a space where you can get comfortable with yourself and learn new things that you might not have known or given yourself a chance to work through.

Any words of advice for the young women that look to you as an inspiration?

Emily: So many! First of all pray, pray, pray and keep praying. Definitely be very strong in your faith, because once you have that it will trickle down into everything else in your life. Have discipline. Develop a routine and daily habits that support the vision of where you want to be in 5 years and 10 years. Kobe and Lebron didn’t happen over night, so it’s about having tunnel vision about the specific goals and desires you set for your life. Believe in yourself. If you can’t believe in yourself, don’t expect the world to either. Live in gratitude and be selfless. If you really look at ways to improve the world around you by serving others and meeting people’s needs it tends to lead to spectacular results.

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