Small Business and Emerging Influencers May Be The Recipe For Alpha's Success Over the Next two years

Editor In Chief, Luciano Layne Confirms Alpha Magazines Brand Partnership Launch

The independent publishing house, Alpha Magazines is all set to launch its much-anticipated Brand Partnerships program this coming September. Spearheaded by Editor-In-Chief Luciano Layne, this innovative initiative is poised to collaborate with 30 small businesses, 15 annual events, and 20 influencers who are eagerly seeking media partnerships to give their stories a powerful platform. With a reputation for championing unique narratives and amplifying voices often overlooked, Alpha Magazines is on the verge of redefining how stories are shared, underlining its commitment to authenticity and diversity.


Years of Elevating Voices

Over the past three years, Alpha Magazines has led the charge in spotlighting the stories of small businesses and emerging creators, stories that often fail to make it to the traditional media landscape. The magazine has showcased well-known figures like Ginuwine, Adrienne Bailon-Houghton, Carmen Electra, Kenya Moore, Deborah Cox, XiXi Yang, and many others on its covers, consistently bringing attention to individuals whose stories deserve recognition. Guided by luminaries such as Deborah Cox, Vanessa Simmons, and Elizabeth Woods, Alpha Magazines has forged a reputation as more than just a platform for storytelling; it’s a platform for empowerment.


Black Owned Media House Focused On Diverse Trendsetting

Central to Alpha Magazines’ ethos is the empowerment of the individual. While covering a wide array of topics, including beauty, fashion, music, and breaking news, the magazine is expanding its horizons with the introduction of a book section in October. The magazine’s vision is both simple and profound: to share stories that matter, instigate change, and provide a space for those voices that are often marginalized.

Luciano Layne, the Owner & Editor In Chief, echoes the sentiment:

Unfortunately, we’re running thin on original content. We’re on the lookout for individuals and businesses that have a finger on the pulse of various topics so that we can capture and comprehend trends and subjects.


New Partnership Program

For the brands that partner with Alpha Magazines, the benefits are far-reaching. These partners can anticipate extensive coverage across diverse platforms. From the online sphere to the digital magazine and the quarterly print editions set to return in 2024, brand partners will enjoy a spotlight that resonates. The perks don’t end there.

BA Jenkins, the Head of Publicity at Alpha Magazines and owner of Ruthleess Marketing underscore the magazine’s aspirations. “We are actively working to have Apple News and Google News feature our stories. To meet their criteria, we’re targeting over 50 stories weekly. This presents a fantastic opportunity for lesser-known businesses to collaborate with a media outlet,” states Jenkins.

Additional Perks To Alpha Magazines’ Brand Partnership

The outlet is also offering inclusion in gift guides, opportunities for product placements in TV and Film via production partnerships, VIP gift inclusions during events, robust social media exposure, and the sharing of stories with fellow media partners. The inaugural event for brand partners will be during the upcoming New York Fashion Week, beginning on September 10th, offering an ideal platform for partnership exposure.

BA Jenkins confirms that the Alpha brand will be seen more in public over the next year. 80% of the programs will be powered via Ruthleess Marketing (BA Jenkins’ company), while Alpha Magazines will manage media-specific duties. “We are aligning ourselves with premier events throughout the year, while also supporting events across the United States. Our team is poised to work with more businesses to foster remarkable brands and individuals.” confirms Jenkins.

As Alpha Magazines prepares to embark on this groundbreaking journey of collaboration and empowerment, the magazine extends an invitation to all interested parties to join forces in reshaping the narrative landscape. The road ahead holds promise, with fresh chapters waiting to be written and voices yearning to be heard. Those keen on becoming brand partners can take the first step by submitting their request.

Become a Brand Partner at Alpha Magazines and Let Amplify Your Story



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