Drei and Rick Ross Alpha Magazine 2023 Summer issue Cover Revealed

In Alpha Magazines’ Summer 2023 issue, Rap legend Rick Ross and rising star Drei (Andrei Rosca) co-appear on the cover of the digital edition. As the 50-year celebration of Hip-Hop draws to a close, Alpha Magazines’ Editor-In-Chief chose to cap off the year with the influential Rick Ross, emphasizing his impact on the genre.


Did Rick Ross Jump on a Random Feature?

Known for supporting emerging talents committed to their craft, Rick Ross finds a kindred spirit in Drei, who has and continues to create his path in the music industry. Their collaborative anthem, “Bands” not only explores the nuances of wealth but also shows the mentorship and collaboration Ross has always given to artists around him.

As we dive into the official lyrics on Genius, Rick Ross’ signature theme of wealth and success are heard, giving listeners a taste of how people with over $45M live their lives. Now with his accumulated wealth, he is even hiring a flight attendant with ‘positive vibes’– once again showing us the everyday lifestyle of the 1%.

Though the feature was a brief visit on the song, Rick Ross always finds time to show respect for his industry affiliates. Within the featured verse, Ross echos the sentiments of his colleague DJ Khaled, Ross shouts out, “Khaled on the FaceTime screaming ‘we the best!’” underscoring the camaraderie within the hip-hop network.

The Song to Add to your New Year Playlist


Drei, in his verses for “Bands,” delves into the spoils of success and what it means for his love interest. With lyrics like, “I got time, I got luxuries…You ain’t gotta worry about nothing when I call you,” Drei adds a distinctive flavor to the track, making it a must-have addition to any New Year’s Eve playlist and setting the tone for a mindset of prosperity.


Drei Talks with Brett Berish

In an exclusive interview with Brett Berish on McQueen and the Violet Fog’s Instagram, the Brazilian Gin Company’s platform, Drei opens up about his multifaceted identity. Beyond being a rapper, he proudly wears the hat of a businessman, a trait shared with his collaborator Rick Ross.

Joining the interview from Tulum, Mexico, Drei reveals his ownership of a construction company involved in the development of a hotel and residential spaces. Armed with a Business degree from the University of Washington, Drei is not just a rapper but a versatile, educated individual with a mission.

Drei’s decision to pursue music in English, not Romanian, is a deliberate choice to inspire non-English speaking groups to embrace challenges and shatter barriers. This commitment to inclusivity and determination to pave the way for others sets Drei apart in the industry.


Rick Ross Signed A Boss

Manager Luciano Layne discloses that Drei, once an independent artist, officially joined Rick Ross’ record label earlier this year, solidifying their collaborative journey after years of working together. While Drei might be a new name to some, his impressive portfolio includes collaborations with industry giants such as Bruno Mars, The Game, and TrackDilla, Drake’s go-to producer.


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