Deborah Cox & Jessie J Bring Pride Month to March

Deborah Cox & Jessie J shared the stage at Florida Aids Walk. The performers brought the feeling of Pride Month to March. The exclusive music festival that took place for the non-profit on March 19th in Ft. Lauderdale Beach Park looked like a fun time had by all. The once a year festival presented by Wells Fargo & AHF Pharmacy did not only catch our attention for the good cause. The duo’s quirky moments made us realize how much we appreciate festival performances. 

As you know, anything can happen when performing live. That’s the magic of concerts! Here are 5 moments you definitely missed if you were not at the festival or aware of the promotional efforts.

Jessie J’s promo video

 Is it “awkward” OR are we all like this? We have all been here filming content for our social media pages, so let’s not judge. Jessie J is our content creation spirit influencer after her quirky promo video for the Florida Aids Walk. She probably did a great take of this promo video, but we prefer this one… it’s refreshing to see unpolished in a world of false perfection.


Jessie J courtesy of @JessieJ via instagram

She performed her shoes off!

Classified under the star’s self proclaimed “awkward” moments, Jessie J’s heels forgot what it was supposed to do while she was performing. The singer unexpectedly comes out of her shoe while dancing. Luckily, she was not hurt and she handled the situation like the professional that she is. Which also means the shoes came off and were abandoned after that incident. 


To bow or not to bow?

Another self proclaimed awkward moment for Jessie J was the bow at the end of the show. Another example of Jessie marching to her own beat as they close out the festival. As weird as she thought this action was, apparently her influence extended to someone to her left. Despite her claiming her quirkiness is due to age, we would like to believe this is a side she has always had. We are here for more unpolished human moments from more stars.


Deborah’s shiny suit

Deborah Cox made us feel like it’s June in March with this ensemble. You know the concert is for “the boys” when the disco pantsuit comes out! Her pre-show Instagram post highlights her set-to-stage life. Cox wrapped up a television show and made her way to the music festival. The post shows the actress & singer doing touch-ups in her Michael Costello original outfit. If you don’t know anything about this designer then you should understand flare and high quality materials are always on the menu. Here’s a creation from Costello that we want to see on the carpets in the near future!


They both looked and sounded phenomenal

The two powerhouse singers gave the audience what was needed after their long walk for AIDS & HIV awareness. Cox & J on stage gracefully belted to the people and the ocean while supporting the cause themselves.  This has us wondering if an official collaboration could be in the works. Hopefully this performance will not be the last we see of them together.


Support the cause

Visit the  Florida Aids Walk website to keep up with events and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. We will also be keeping up with the organization’s events to keep you updated. Be sure to subscribe to keep up!


Question to our readers: Now that the world is opening up, which concerts or festivals are you excited to attend before the end of the year?


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