Celebrity Massage Therapist Lama Amin’s Path to Healing and Wholeness

From a young age, Lama Amin, a gifted massage therapist and healer, harbored an earnest desire to become a doctor. Growing up in an Egyptian family with parents who migrated from Egypt with the American dream, she was determined to follow her dreams. 

Once she was older, she embarked on her medical journey as she enrolled in medical school. Here, she had the opportunity to work in a neurologist’s office specializing in EEG testing to measure brainwave activity. Lama faced stiff competition for her job from another qualified candidate, a situation that initially stirred resentment. However, destiny had other plans in store.Lama’s time in medical school and the neurology office granted her invaluable insights. She came to understand that the nervous system’s proper functioning is fundamental to overall health. Their work involved testing individuals with various conditions, from traumas to migraine headaches, behavioral issues, and seizures.

One fateful day, driven by compassion, Lama decided to offer a massage to the very woman she had competed against for her job. Despite years of acrimony, Lama used her “magic fingers” to alleviate her rival’s tension. Surprisingly, the woman found the massage to be extraordinary. In that transformative moment, Lama discovered her true calling, especially her aspiration to be her own boss. Without hesitation, she contacted the nearest and finest massage school, fortuitously coinciding with their open house, and promptly enrolled. Lama had an epiphany that massaging complemented the work she had been doing at the office, further emphasizing the body’s interconnected nature.

It took a year of dedication and hard work for Lama to secure her massage license, all while continuing to work in the neurology field. Once she received her license, fate took another turn as the neurology department closed. Lama had spent six years at the office but was now on the verge of a completely new journey.

One day, Lama was driving down Ventura Boulevard in Los Angeles, and she noticed a film crew filming on the street. She decided to park and explore the set. To her surprise, a stranger approached her and introduced her to the Assistant Director of the film. They discussed her providing massages, and this fortuitous encounter marked the beginning of her journey in the world of entertainment. The film being shot at that moment was “Clueless,” and the crew was enamored by Lama’s skill. They invited her to Paramount Pictures, where the hair and makeup department also appreciated her expertise. This led to opportunities on various television shows, including “Moesha,” “The Wayans Brothers,” and “The Jamie Foxx Show.” Lama’s reputation as the “magic fingers” began to solidify as her demand steadily grew.

Lama’s exceptional touch earned her a prominent place among celebrities. People would often ask her, “How do you know how to do this?” Her services were sought after by numerous celebrities, including Samuel L. Jackson, Will Smith, Lil Kim, Busta Rhymes, Jay-Z, Beyonce, and P. Diddy. She spent 18 years working with Mariah Carey, touring the world four times, and even joined Justin Timberlake on his “Justified Tour.”

Lama’s popularity continued to soar, attracting the attention of stars like Puff Daddy and Snoop Dogg, who vied for her services. At one point, she found herself working with Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, and Justin Bieber simultaneously.

Yet, for Lama, her work transcends mere massages. She believes in healing not just the body but also the mind and spirit. She emphasizes the interconnectedness of these three facets, as they often hold thought-behavioral patterns that become trapped in the body. Lama recounted instances where her quick and skillful hands facilitated remarkable recoveries. On the set of “In the House” with LL Cool J, a supporting actress suffered a head injury, casting a shadow of concern. Lama’s intervention, however, defied expectations; she managed to dispel the injury’s impact in just three minutes, a feat that left everyone in awe. Similar incidents unfolded while working on other sets, such as “Enemy of the State” with Will Smith and during Justin Timberlake’s mishap with a piano.

Lama’s association with the Dr. Amen Clinic was instrumental in expanding her understanding of how head injuries could manifest as behavioral characteristics. She became a bridge, referring clients who were often misdiagnosed with ADD or Bipolar, whereas the real cause was often a hidden brain injury. These insights led her to align with Dr. Amen’s philosophy that “healing your brain equals healing your life.”

In her practice, Lama delves deep into understanding how people operate and how their bodies respond. She encourages individuals to pay attention to their self-talk, emphasizing the profound impact of thoughts on our well-being. She believes that when thoughts turn negative, it often leads to dis-ease in the body.

Lama is mindful of the programming that occurs in individuals from a young age, especially between the ages of 0-7. This programming, influenced by schools and parents, shapes their reality. Traumas, she contends, get stored in the muscles as programs, sapping energy and leading to repetitive life decisions. Lama, known as “magic fingers,” possesses a unique talent for identifying these hidden traumas, helping individuals release them and reprogram their lives. With her “magic fingers” and unwavering dedication, she offers a ray of sunshine in the lives of those she touches, fostering change and healing, one massage at a time.

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