Chioma Eze, Director of OmaBody in Albuquerque, New Mexico Shares Tips To Keep Your Body At Optimal Health Going Into Autumn and the best seasons of your life

Can Nurturing Your Lymphatic System Keep You Young?

Year after year as summer fades and the cool breeze of fall sets in, it’s essential to be mindful of our body’s well-being. Especially before the summer is over. 

While we often focus on staying hydrated during scorching summer days, we may neglect the subtle cues our body gives us when the temperature drops. Our lymphatic system, a crucial part of our immune and circulatory systems, plays a vital role in maintaining overall health.

To shed light on the importance of lymphatic health and provide expert guidance, we turn to Chioma Eze, MS, BSN, RN, MLD-C, the Clinical Director at OmaBody, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. OmaBody stands as a beacon of expertise, especially when it comes to aiding the body through extreme weather conditions.


The Impact of Heat on the Lymphatic System

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Before delving into the expertise of OmaBody, it’s essential to understand the effect of temperature on our lymphatic system. During the summer, it’s relatively easier to stay hydrated due to the obvious signs of thirst. 

However, as the weather cools down, our body’s thirst cues may become less noticeable, leading to inadequate hydration. This can significantly affect our lymphatic system, which relies on proper hydration to function optimally. 

The lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from our body, supports the immune system, and aids in maintaining fluid balance.


Who Should Focus on Lymph Draining the Most?

Individuals who should prioritize lymph draining include those with chronic health conditions, individuals who have undergone surgery, athletes seeking to improve recovery, and individuals dealing with high levels of stress. 

Moreover, anyone who suffers from signs of long COVID (also known as Post COVID according to the CDC) can significantly benefit from focusing on lymphatic treatments. 


How Many Times Per Year Should You See a Professional for Your Lymphatic System?

For those seeking professional lymphatic treatments, it is recommended to visit a certified specialist like Chioma Eze at OmaBody at least two to four times a year. 

This frequency can vary depending on individual health needs and lifestyle factors. Regular lymphatic treatments can help maintain optimal lymph flow, enhance the immune system, and support overall well-being.


The Cost Of Professional Lymphatic Services

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The cost of professional lymphatic services can vary based on factors such as the provider’s expertise, location, and the specific treatment plan.  On average, a single session of lymphatic treatment can range from $100 to $200. However, some providers offer package deals that can bring the cost down for those seeking ongoing lymphatic support. Cost also depends on which services are being requested. There are multiple procedures that can be done according to Chioma.

Slimming Lymph Drainage:

This procedure targets localized areas of excess fat and cellulite, helping clients achieve a slimmer and more toned physique. By optimizing lymph flow in targeted regions, this treatment promotes the body’s natural ability to metabolize fat and eliminate toxins.


Brazilian Lymph Drainage:

This specialized approach helps redefine body contours and reduce the appearance of cellulite. It also supports a healthier circulatory system, enhancing overall well-being.


Presso Lymph Drainage:

Chioma Eze emphasizes the significance of Presso Lymph Drainage, noting, “This procedure is ideal for reducing metabolic waste, relieving lymph congestion, and boosting immunity.” Presso Lymph Drainage utilizes advanced technology to apply gentle pressure, facilitating the movement of lymph and promoting detoxification. The immune-boosting benefits help fortify the body’s defense against illness.


Fascia Sculpting:

Fascia Sculpting employs a targeted approach to release tension in the fascia, the connective tissue that envelops muscles and organs, fostering improved flexibility and reduced discomfort.



As an innovative muscle-building procedure, EMStrong offers an opportunity to boost metabolism, achieve muscle growth, and even experience cellulite reduction,” Chioma Eze explains. EMStrong employs electromagnetic stimulation to activate muscle contractions, effectively stimulating muscle development and promoting a leaner, more sculpted physique.


Cryo Facial:

For those seeking radiant and rejuvenated skin, Cryo Facial is an ideal choice. This non-invasive procedure harnesses the power of cryotherapy to promote collagen synthesis, resulting in a youthful and refreshed appearance.


DIY Tips To Start On Your Lymphatic Health Journey

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If visiting a certified lymphatic specialist like Chioma Eze at OmaBody isn’t feasible for everyone, there are simple yet effective DIY methods that can aid in lymphatic drainage.


1. Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a technique that can easily be performed at home with a natural-bristled dry brush. Before showering, gently brush your skin with long sweeping strokes towards your heart. Starting from the feet, move upwards along the legs and arms. Dry brushing helps exfoliate the skin, stimulates lymph flow, and promotes detoxification.


2. Deep Breathing and Neck Stretches

Incorporate deep breathing exercises into your daily routine to enhance lymphatic flow. Sit or stand comfortably and take deep breaths, focusing on expanding your diaphragm. Deep breathing increases oxygen levels and supports overall circulation, benefiting the lymphatic system.

Additionally, gentle neck stretches can be performed by tilting your head sideways towards each shoulder to relieve tension and promote lymphatic drainage in the neck and shoulder area. By implementing simple DIY methods like dry brushing and deep breathing, individuals everywhere can take charge of their lymphatic health, leading to a more vibrant and balanced life.

Remember, small steps toward lymphatic wellness can make a significant difference in your overall health and well-being. For comprehensive and personalized care, consider seeking the expertise of a certified lymphatic specialist to optimize your lymphatic system and enhance your overall quality of life.


The Expertise of OmaBody

As a Certified Lymphatic Specialist and Anti-Inflammatory Health Educator with over 15 years of experience, Chioma Eze is deeply passionate about helping others feel good about their bodies through lymphatic treatments. 

OmaBody’s signature treatments, available exclusively at their Albuquerque-based center, are based on evidence-based approaches and are aimed at combating the multifaceted outcomes of stress and poor lifestyle habits.

Their focus on lymphatic health ensures that clients can experience the full range of benefits, from improved weight management to faster recovery from workouts and surgeries. OmaBody understands that extreme weather conditions can add stress to our bodies, and their expertise is tailored to alleviate these pressures.


Use It Or Lose It

It is crucial to prioritize our lymphatic health now before the seasonal change and while our bodies are young enough to receive the boost necessary to keep other parts of our bodies healthy. The lymphatic system is often overlooked by the average person. However, its impact on overall well-being is essential to keeping us internally youthful.



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