The newest Grammy member was once challenged by Keyshia Cole to sing on Live TV for $100

Bronx Artist, Isa Marina Accepted into the Grammy Academy

2023 has turned into an exhilarating year for Isa Marina. The Grammy Academy has just welcomed this rising star into its exclusive ranks. But before we dive into this latest accomplishment, let’s rewind a bit. Remember the days of MTV’s “Total Request Live” (TRL) and the dynamic artist who stole the show alongside Keyshia Cole?

In the days of TRL, Isa Marina’s magnetic stage presence on the “Rock the Mic” segment left audiences interested for more. From performing on live TV for fun, she took a daring plunge into songwriting. Since TRL, Isa’s pen created magic not just for herself but for big-name artists.


Isa Marina Wants a Grammy… In 2025

Fast forward to today, the Bronx native now living in Miami is aiming for the stars. Her Grammy Academy membership marks the start of a thrilling journey towards one goal—securing a Grammy nomination in 2025. This year is the launchpad for a career that’s set to redefine it all together.

Isa’s ambitions do not end with awards. She has a lineup of collaborations in her sights. While she remains tight-lipped about who she is seeking to work with, she is adamant about working with more Latina and R&B artists. Her music, diverse and rooted in culture, is all set to ignite new dimensions in the industry.


New Music from Isa

Isa Marina’s planning a music release that’s shrouded in secrecy coming in November. Our bet? It’s a strategic move, positioning her among award-winning peers in the making. The artist has not yet announced if it will be a featured project, but now as a Grammy member herself, she may not even need one.

The artist from the Bronx, who once sang her heart out on TRL for a meager $100, is now on a rocket ride to being a creator



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