This 12 year old just signed semi-pro soccer league contract and will be making his first game appearance this month

Brighton Lee Sagal Becomes Youngest American Soccer Player Professional

 A young soccer prodigy has taken the soccer world by storm by becoming the youngest player ever to be signed to a semi-professional contract in the United States. Brighton Lee Sagal, at just 12 years old (recently turned 13), has joined the San Fernando Valley FC, a semi-professional soccer team in the San Fernando Valley, California, playing in the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL).


Joining Some of the Best American Soccer Players

The UPSL has never seen a player as young as Brighton. Hailing from Beverly Hills, California, the home-schooled soccer player has shown exceptional talent and skill. This has earned him a place in the San Fernando Valley FC team.  We expect Brighton to impact the field significantly.

His passion for soccer runs deep in his veins. Thanks to his dad, who played professional soccer in Germany and Sweden. Jared Sagal started his own career with college soccer at SMU in Dallas, Texas. It is Brighton’s dream to one day play for Manchester City in the English Premier League. This career move for the young player and his dedication, that dream may become a reality.


San Fernando Valley FC Welcomes Brighton

Brightn Lee Sagal signs with San Fernando Valley California Soccer Team Under the UPSL | Alpha Magazines


News of Brighton’s signing is predicted to make shockwaves throughout the soccer world.  Teams are in the race to find the next brightest star in fútbol. Many are looking forward to seeing what the young prodigy has in store.

I am excited to be a part of the San Fernando Valley FC and grateful for the opportunity to play in the UPSL,” said Brighton. “I want to thank my family and coaches for their support and belief in me. I dream to play for Manchester City, and I will continue to work hard to achieve that goal.

San Fernando Valley FC is thrilled to have Brighton on its team. Team leaders believe that his technical ability and advanced soccer IQ can enable him to make up for the power and size difference he will face during the season.

We are excited to have Brighton on board. He can pave the way for future young talent here in the US. We also wanted to send a message to the UPSL and American soccer in general that we must develop our special talents at younger ages as we seek to compete with the rest of the world. We believe Brighton has a bright future ahead of him, ” said the team’s Administrator, Gueorgui Hristov during the signing conference.


America’s Next Notable Name In Soccer

The now 13 year old signing to the semi-professional team at such a young age is not only a testament to his skill and hard work but also a sign of the growing interest in soccer in the United States. America has produced some of the world’s most exceptional athletes, and Brighton could be the next big name in soccer.

Interested spectators can catch Brighton Lee Sagal in action at the Sepulveda Basin Sports Complex, where his team, San Fernando Valley FC, will be playing multiple times this season, according to the team schedule.



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