Quincy Jones of Motorhead Inc, Apparel launches brand just for those into an alternate lifestyle

Black Biker Apparel In 2023

The world of fashion explored re-introducing the biker aesthetic over the last year. While many brands explored the look, a true motorhead assembled a brand for the real riders on the street. 

Being a black tattoo artist inspired by comic books, the band Massive Attack, and films, with an interest in gunsmithing, Quincy Jones knows how important finding a community is. Quincy started Motorhead Inc. Apparel late last year to give the riders on the street a brand they can trust. 

Bikers, new and seasoned, prefer their clothes to represent their choice in lifestyle. Motorhead Inc. Apparel may be the biker clothing brand to watch over the next few years.


The Evolution of Motorcycle Style

Somewhere, the term “Motorcyclist” changed to “Biker” and the term has stuck. When we think biker the first look to come to mind is the  “outlaw” the motorcycle fashion. However, the looks are more diverse.

Unlike the fashion industry, bikers do not dress in specific attire to look a certain way just to look fashionable. Many dress for comfort, temperature change when riding, and to sport their club. Leather, jeans, boots are known to be part of their culture for durability sake. Yet, Bikers do change it up to what makes them feel free.


P2: What is Bikercore?

In the spring of 2022, fashion outlets predicted Bikecore to come back around in style for the autumn season. According to The Editorialist “Bikercore” is an aesthetic that consists of luxe leathers and gritty hardware—buckles, studding, and decorative zippers creating an overall edgy, rock-rebel look.

Motorhead Inc. Apparel is not looking to capitalize on the trend of motorheads. Their mission is about more than helping someone look edgy. 


Motorhead Inc. Apparel Mission 

The apparel-based company merges the principles of freedom, biker code, and an alternative lifestyle. Motorhead Inc. Apparel is one of the few black-owned biker focused companies to exist. Black Bikers have been around but rarely highlighted since the history of motorcycle clubs existed.

Quincy Jones’ mother and son, as well as overcoming difficulties from his childhood growing up in Michigan, inspired the new brand. Motorhead Inc. Apparel (also known as Motorhead.pro) is for biker enthusiasts and those who enjoy the lifestyle. Many of the initial apparel will have the “Mickey Mouse” character to honor his mother, who proudly touts the nickname. This personal touch is to remind anyone who supports the company that family comes first.

With a slogan like “BE FREE, BE PROUD, BE PART OF THE CLUB”, Motorhead Inc. Apparel seems to be focused on unity.


Does Motorhead Inc. Apparel Give Back To Black Organizations?

As a company with the mission to bring many together for the love of freedom, Motorhead Inc. Apparel does believe in social responsibility. 

Quincy Jones states, “We have plans to donate to several social justice, progressive, and black athletic organizations as well as the blessings of the bikes.” The new company sets its target for charitable donations into mid-2023.


Where To Find Motorhead Inc. Apparel

Currently, the designs from the company are exclusive to the online store. According to the team behind the brand, there is a plan for retail expansion later this upcoming year. However, they will be keeping it private just before the retail launch occurs. There is no predicting where this brand will be since the designs are unique.

While the brand is not excluding anyone from wearing its designs, many of the options are targeted toward Gen-Z and Millennials. The CEO is hyper-focused on making this brand more of a community as it matures.


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