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Alpha Magazines’ Deeper Voice: Representation In The Bible

Does Representation in The Bible matter?

We recently stumbled upon a unique channel on Youtube that had us thinking about people within The Bible. If you follow our print publication, we are not afraid to talk about faith, spirituality, or uncomfortable subjects that are about all humans.  In this article we are asking uncomfortable questions that shape our lives and society.

The Bible is a book that has been used in many different ways over hundreds of years. With stories about morality, spirituality, and journeys that took faith. Would The Bible/ Christianity be as well known if the people of color with middle eastern names were properly represented within the book?

Recently launched, the Bible in Living Color YouTube channel is a treasure-trove of Bible scriptures brought to life. It features near-life characters acting out entire Bible chapters. What surprised us is that many animated depictions over the years tend to dismiss ever having people of color during biblical times. 

The overwhelming majority of Bible videos and movies omit people of color, despite the undeniable evidence of their existence. According to specific scriptures, people such as Moses and Paul in the bible were literally said to be depicted as Egyptian. Moses’ wife was descripted as being Ethiopian. All these people are of a brown race but are rarely depicted this way. Sculptures, Icons, and paintings have dictated what these characters look like to people all over the world. If Jesus was properly depicted in visuals as a middle eastern man with sheep wool-like hair, would the book have been used against people of color in the various ways it has?

When we dismiss color we also dismiss cultures. The Bible In Living Color has taken the time to allow us to reimagine the characters of the book, but also the correct pronunciation & culturally correct way to say their names.


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