A Tropical Dream in Tulum

Tulum, Mexico has become one of the hottest spots to vacation at, and only since the pandemic began. While Tulum has always been one of the most beautiful spots in Mexico where people would go to relax, it seemingly became a getaway spot for Millennials when the rest of the world was shut down.

People from all over were escaping to Mexico early in the pandemic starting around May 2020, but mostly Americans who decided to temporarily relocate. While waiting out the situation which included quarantine, Covid testing, and masks, this was one of the areas that were more laid back. According to Wiki there was an increase of 70% of foreigners from the U.S. and Guatemala migrating to Mexico.

I think we can agree different countries experienced the spread of the disease differently and therefore various precautions were taken depending on where you were. Parts of Mexico such as Tulum practiced safety, but that year, the country had only 1.3 million cases according to Statista.



You may be asking, what kept people there? Parts of Mexico, especially Cancun and Tulum (a 1.5 hour drive from Cancun) are very beautiful. Most people worry about safety, and while it is important to always be aware of your surroundings, many areas are safe. The OSAC (Overseas Security Advisory Council) states that Tulum is moderately safe to visit and travelers should exercise increased caution in the area. Their advisories include concerns such as cartel activity, Covid-19, contaminated water, and natural disasters.



There are plenty of activities and great food options galore. Aside from your common Mexican dishes such as chilaquiles or tacos al pastor, because Tulum is right next to the beautiful Caribbean Sea, amazing and fresh seafood options are also available. Expect to spend around 1615 Pesos on a delicious meal if you enjoy eating good wholesome food.



If you have a job or career working from home, this could also be a great option for you to change your surroundings, enjoy life a little more, and still get your work done. 



Since Tulum is close to the equator, the weather stays warm and rarely gets below 70 degrees fahrenheit. It can get quite humid and will often rain because this area is also considered a rainforest. Many opportunities to experience the sun and heat are there.



Aside from the typical beach day, this is a water activity town. 

  • Boat rentals are available for you and your friends. A few great companies to check out are Riviera Elite and Tulum Charters.
  • Swim with whale sharks! This is definitely an activity for the thrill seekers. Whale sharks are one of the largest mammals in the ocean in size and only eat plankton which will make your experience more relaxed and enjoyable.
  • Get certified to deep dive anywhere in the world with the company Black Fin Free Diving (IG @blackfinfreediving) and set up your appointment at www.linktr.ee/blackfinfreediving
  • Ever wanted to live out your mermaid dreams? Take a mermaid class with instructor Mari Delgado for her Karibbean Mermaids class to learn everything you need to know about being a mermaid, getting practice in, and of course create content for your social media page. Check out (IG @karibbeanmermaids) and www.linktr.ee/KaribbeanMermaids.mx
  • Visit the Mayan Ruins. Tulum was built late in the thirteenth century, during what is known as the Mayan post-classic period and it stands in good shape.
  • Ziplining and ATV riding are also a few great activities, and some places even offer packages with lunch included. Check out Trip Advisor.


Whether it be three days, five days, one month or three, Tulum is a great spot you won’t want to miss out on. Now in 2022 while the world has reopened and living is safer for everyone, the fad of traveling to this particular vacation spot has somewhat faded but is still one of the most fabulous areas to visit or relocate to. Tulum is there for you when you want to check it out.

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