Once publicly embarrassed on a popular media site for wearing too much highlighter, Marylia Scott Cosmetics is becoming a beauty staple in 2023

A Major Media Outlet Publicly Humiliated Marylia Scott, So She Started A Brand

Marylia Scott Cosmetics is ending its year on a highlight. The small Latina-owned brand owned by Marylia Scott that had a rough start in 2016 has put her highlighter pallet in the hands of major influencers this year. Top influencers and celebrities alike are using the palette to create trendy looks. 

With the help of James Charles, Julia Fox, Rose Siard (@RoseandBen), TyAna White (@UniquelyTyana), and Sarah Wolak (@sarah_wolak) the company’s customers have expanded from national appeal to international attention. 


It All Started With an Article

@maryliascottcosmetics And thats how our highlighter palette was born✨ ??‍♀️ #smallbusiness #makeup #highlighter ♬ original sound - Marylia Scott Cosmetics


In the video, the Puerto Rican influencer and brand owner shares the reason for starting her brand with its lone product, a highlighter palette. The founder has focused on the one product aptly named “YoUr HiGhLigHt Is ToO BrIgHt” for the past three years in response to a 2018 PopSugar UK article

Being put on any “don’t” list in the fashion/ beauty industry is entertainment or education depending on who is reading the article. However, she explains how the article changed her life. “I was hurt at first, but this fueled me with the fire to start my own products,” Marylia states.


From Influencer to Cosmetics Brand


Marylia Scott Cosmetics Founder does not regret the inclusion in the article. There is also no ill feelings towards it to this day. “In hindsight, regular women were not utilizing their highlighter to create high glow looks. What I was presenting on my social media could be noted as shocking to many.” Since the article, Marylia has been recognized as a Rising Influencer for Cosmetics Executive for Women (CEW). 

While she has always aspired to own her own brand, she did not expect the success of her business over the years. Finding her glowing community on Instagram and TikTok that enjoy looks that include highlighter. 



Exploring new levels of beauty, Marylia Scott Cosmetics will be venturing into adding imperfections. The company teased on Instagram on November 30th the next beauty trend they will be backing includes faux freckles

The water-proof tint will be the next product to be added in mid-2023. The company has not disclosed the price, formula, or release date. Customers did have a chance to see the company offering two shades to compliment all skin tones including deeply melanated skin.


Makeup looks That Embrace Highlighter

Marylia Scott | Founder of Marylia Scott Cosmetics


Over the course of 2022, the founder of Marylia Scott Cosmetics gifted products to celebrities and influencers to test the hyper-pigmented highlighter palette with their own favorite beauty brands. Content creators have used the brand’s highlighter for red carpet looks, social media trends such as the “cry girl look” or “cold girl look”, and everyday beauty hacks.

According to Vogue India, 2023 will be the renaissance of beauty. Many of the looks will be focused on dewy and hyper pigmentated moving away from matte/natural beauty. The gen-z and millennial-targeted brand is focused on assisting beauty lovers to deliver the trending looks they desire. 


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