Former Judge Tiffany Cartwright Proves Resilient with Launch of G.L.A.M Body Scrubs

A Former Judge Built This Retail Brand

When there is no other source of income, unemployment could be the worst news for about anyone. Aside from losing a career you might have taken care of for years, the unemployed is mostly worried about their source of income. It will be a challenge to cover for bills and essential needs.


Unemployment Forced The Judge To Think Differently

Instead of losing hope, former judge Tiffany Cartwright proved that there is more to life when she was laid off. Her own brand, Amarra Beauty Products (based in Detroit, Michigan) is proof that her determination brought her the success she has today.

Even if she has a promising career as an Assistant Attorney General and Administrative Law Judge, she was laid off twice in 2012 and 2016 due to state budget cuts. In those years when she did not have sufficient income, she relied upon food stamps and free medical treatment for her daughter, that has eczema. Cartwright doesn’t want her child to keep on taking steroids and other complicated medications that could damage her skin. It led her to create her own body scrubs, giving it as a gift as well for friends and family members.

As companies didn’t want to hire her as most entry-level jobs make her overqualified and as a previous judge, finding a new job is difficult.


Influences Of A Brother

When she started listening to her brother [Art Cartwright] in his online radio show insipired her to take a chance as a businesswoman. He is also the mentor for individuals in the community who want to learn how to start a business, through Global Empowerment Ministries. Her brother was talking about doing something with idle ideas, including concoctions people had been mixing in their kitchens, she listened in to his radio show program. This is a “Eureka” moment for her – giving her handmade body scrubs a chance in the market.


Walmart Took A Chance On The Judge

G.L.A.M Products | Alpha Magazines


It was a dream come true for Cartwright when she started the Amarra Beauty Products and G.L.A.M. Body Scrubs. After a few years, she successfully sold her items at a 2018 Walmart Open Call – an annual campaign aimed at products made in the United States. These items, which are made entirely of natural ingredients, are now available on select shelves at Target and Walmart stores around the country. Her objective is to continue selling more of my G.L.A.M. product line in different Walmart locations worldwide. This is all on top of pitching her business idea in Shark tank at Tech Town.

Her high-end products are made with all-natural components, including peppermint, mango, wildberry, lavender, and brown sugar. In the manufacturing process, she would also like to give back with the community by hiring women with past criminal records and victims of human trafficking. To help her future employees, she plans to provide housing for them too.


Tiffany Cartwright Is Black History

As we look into black women this Black History Month, those who made a difference like Tiffany Cartwright, gives back to the community. She hopes that leading by example may inspire other businesses to help those who need employment. Cartwright believes that entrepreneurs take the stage, as they represent “us” as a community. Though her career as a judge becomes a struggle, being a businesswoman can see brighter days in her future with the brand’s continuous growth.



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