5 Easy Ways to Catch Up on NYE Resolutions

Every year we set goals for ourselves that we may or may not attempt to complete. We are a few months into 2022 and you may have already knocked out your New Year resolutions. However, with the pandemic blindsiding us, it made it impossible for others to get started. With things returning to somewhat normal, Here’s a list of five things it’s not too late to do to get caught up in the New Year:

1. Clear the clutter. This  goes for your car, place of dwell, work station, and any other place clutter accumulates. You can start by clearing one area at a time so you won’t become overwhelmed while trying to complete it all in one day. The more organized you are in life, the easier tasks are to complete in a timely manner. A clear space, nurtures a clear mind, which fuels completion.

2. Write it down. Whether it be in a journal, calendar, or notes in your phone; place your goals where you can see them daily. Every Sunday jot down a list of things you need to compete by the end of the week. Order the list from the most important to the least. Add tasks along the way as they come up. Always be sure to transfer old information from your old devices, planner, and calendar to your new ones. Don’t forget to do that before you throw them away!

3. Start meditating. Theres no such thing as a perfect time to meditate. This can help to gain better control of actions and your thoughts. A great way to get started is by downloading one of the free applications: Insight Timer; Headspace: Mindful Meditation, and Better Mind: Meditation and Relax. Don’t worry about finding time to meditate. These amazing apps have music and voice led meditations tailored to be just as effective while you sleep.

4. Update your resume. With a new year, comes plenty of new job opportunities. Having an updated resume can improve your chances of scoring the career of your dreams. It’s easy to forget when you have been with a company for close to ten years. With the state of the current economy, it’s not a bad idea to at least add your current job, job duties, trainings, and certifications you have completed since starting. The application process is a rigorous one and one way to make it easier would be to have an already updated resume. If you are feeling stagnant and or see no opportunity for promotion, that may mean you should start looking to secure a new opportunity.

5. Remove old content from your phone. Get rid of old memes, screenshots, and useless videos. You can also use free or paid apps to store content, leaving available storage in your phone. Remember when you were on vacation and couldn’t take a picture of that beautiful sunset? That’s because you didn’t have enough space in your phone. When you have any spare time, use some of it to delete and or transfer old content our of your phone and other devices.

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